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It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything to this blog. I’m not planning to return anytime soon. This outlet has been ruined for me. I do, however, miss keeping a record of the books I’ve read. Surprisingly enough, I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading for leisure. And really, I have my school-issued iPad to thank. For someone who’s dragged her feet on digital reading, it is astounding that I like it as much as I do. These are the books I’ve read recently (all *free* thanks to Amazon and my local library).

  • Rain Song by Alice J. Wisler
  • While We’re Far Apart by Lynn Austin
  • Throwaway by Hannah Huffman
  • The Journey Home by Michael Baron
  • Long Time Coming by Vanessa Miller
  • Borrowed Time by CJ Lyons
  • Friendship Bread: A Novel by Darien Gee
  • Play Dead by Harlen Coben
  • Shelter: A Mickey Bolitar Novel by Harlen Coben
  • Larkspur Cove by Lisa Wingate


School started, so I haven’t been reading much of anything. Well, much of anything for fun. Or… for *myself* for fun since I’m reading Huck Finn with my 10th graders and will soon be reading Lord of the Flies with my 8th graders, and I do consider both of those books fun. I did, however, start and finish a book on the iPad my school issued to teachers a week or so ago. It was a free download from Amazon and read on the Kindle app (which I prefer over the iBooks app). It is Virginia Smith’s Stuck in the Middle. Maybe I’ll review it soon. I sure do have plenty to say about reading on an iPad.


I have been plugging away at the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. Well, more accurately, I’ve been plugging away at The Magician’s Nephew in the rather thick anthology I purchased. I don’t understand how these books are intended for child readers. I planned to breeze through them, and I’m having to think on every page. Eep! C.S. Lewis, sir, you were brilliant! A more speedy choice I’m also working on is Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah. This book was courtesy of I’ll tell you more about this site soon. It’s wonderful!


The Help was fantastic. When I woke up this morning, I was on page 219. This evening, I’ve finished all 521 pages. I may have to take a day to absorb what I read… and then I can think of the next book on my list.


I finished Sandra Brown’s Tough Customer and Todd Burpo’s Heaven is for Real on vacation. A friend has lent me The Help by Kathryn Stockett, so that’s next on the list. The movie’s coming out soon, so I have to read the book first!


Near the end of July. I have been reading Lioness Arising again, and I finished the long-promised book review today. I’m still plugging away at Sandra Brown’s Tough Customer. Perhaps I’ll have more time to read on vacation? (Since my sewing machine is an inconvenient travel companion?!)


Is it July already? When… how… what??? It really seemed like *just yesterday* was the last day of school. The days have been a cycle of relaxing, traveling to pick up and/or drop off children, working on my summer to-do list, and reading. Heavy on the relaxing. I did, however, finish The Secret Lives of Dresses (from the library! only one renew needed!) by Erin McKean and will start Sandra Brown’s Tough Customer next.


I acquired The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at a garage sale recently. It is surrounded by lots of hype. And I wasn’t terribly pleased by the last book I read… so I’m not sure if that’s the direction I want to take next. Sigh… seems like a trip to the bookstore may be in my near future.


Summer has begun in earnest! Let the fluffy-not-for-learning reading begin! I just finished The Search (in record time?!), and I’m moving on to Black Out. If you need me I’ll be on the dock, book in hand.


The Search by Nora Roberts caught my eye in the grocery store, so it’s next on my list. The Amazon fairy (or not!) brought me Lisa Unger’s Black Out, too. That may be next. Or Narnia… whichever strikes my fancy next. School’s almost out! I’m looking forward to logging more reading time in the very near future.


I just finished reading the Ann Packer book and writing the review. I haven’t quite decided what’s next on the reading docket. The Lioness book has had me intrigued about the Narnia series. You know, I never did read those as a child? So they might be next…


Despite the stack of books on my shelf, I spotted another book at my school library the other day, and I started *it* instead. Durn those student projects that require library time! (No… not really.) Anyway, The Dive from Clausen’s Pier by Ann Packer intrigued me because it’s about a woman who fell out of love with her fiance, and then he suffered a terrible accident. I’m curious to see what she does in the aftermath of the accident. I’ll let you know.


I finished Sliver of Truth! As a sequel goes, it was pretty decent. I am also slated to finish Lioness Arising this week. And thankfully I have four books on the shelf waiting for me… I’m thinking of Fern Michaels’s Home Free. There’s also a book in our library at school that caught my eye. Hmm… which book to read?! What a nice problem to have.


Since I liked Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger, I bought the sequel, Sliver of Truth. I am a bit concerned because I want the main character to remain happy. I’ll let you know! (And yes, I’m still working on Lioness Arising.)


I just finished Marrying Daisy Bellamy by Susan Wiggs. Review to come shortly! I also decided to abandon the newest Jodi Picoult. It didn’t receive good reviews from my friend. Still working on Lioness Arising (which I love)!


I’m officially finished with the research papers! (What does it say about me that I sort of miss them? They were good papers! Time consuming, but good!)

I’m still working on Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger. I’m also in a study of Lioness Arising with women from my church. Next, I’ll read the latest by Jodi Picoult. (It was a gift!) Reviews on all to come!

2011 Book List (Click on the title to read my review.):


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