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book review: Heaven is for Real

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One of our vacation stops included the U.S. headquarters of Operation Mobilization (O.M.), a missions group spreading the word in over 110 countries. While there, we couldn’t help but visit their bookstore.

And when I saw Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo, I put it on the must-buy pile. It had been on my Amazon wish list for a while, and once it was right in front of me (at an amazing price), I couldn’t pass it up.

It is one of the biggest-selling Christian books of the year. And now that I’ve read it, I understand why.

Todd Burpo is a pastor. At the time of this book’s events, Todd and his wife Sonja were raising daughter Cassie and son Colton. Their family had encountered more than their fair share of problems when suddenly Colton became very sick. After nearly two weeks of illness, the doctors claimed that they had run out of magic for Colton.

The next day, however, after Todd and Sonja’s church met for a prayer meeting for Colton, his condition underwent a drastic change. By that afternoon, he was playing with his action figures and sharing bits of his personality again. This was just one piece of the miracle that was to come.

A few months after his recovery, Colton told his parents about how the angels sang to him in heaven. A few days later he told them about the colors in heaven. And that’s when his parents realized that he’d been telling him about his experiences all along, and that what he was saying had to be true. I really want to share more, but it’s not my story to tell. It’s Todd’s. And Colton’s. And a few anecdotes here would never do it justice.

What I can tell you is that as I was reading, I became very excited about the heaven in my future. Colton makes it sound like a beautiful place. It feels real to me now. A reward to anticipate.

The book is short — just about 120 pages — and I read it in just two days. (It would have been one day, but vacation isn’t just about sitting by the pool and reading!) Then I promptly gave it away. Because it is a book that must be shared.

Rest assured, though, that I’ve just re-purchased the book from Amazon. I want to be able to pass it along to others.

You should pick it up, too.

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