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read on the iPad: Stuck in the Middle

Several weeks ago, as I was practicing my skills as a slug, I watched Millionaire Matchmaker. You know, the show on Bravo in which single millionaires go to Patti Stanger for tough love advice and (hopefully) a love match. Usually the men’s behavior resembles that of pigs and the women act vapid and desperate.

On this show, however, Patti matched a pair of brothers. Cruz brother 1’s pairing was a typical swine/bimbo failure. The other couple, though, was fun to watch, especially when Cruz brother 2 asked his date if she minded if he prayed before their meal. To be honest, it brought tears to my eyes to see a real man acting out his faith. On television, no less.

(Yes, I’m getting to the book part. Be patient.)

I experienced more of the same type of faith-filled male lead when I read Stuck in the Middle by Virginia Smith. The book followed a recently-dumped young woman who didn’t feel like she was living up to her full potential. She lived with her mother and her grandmother, and as the middle child, she often shrank into the woodwork when compared to her sisters.

Enter hot-young-doctor-man neighbor. She’s interested. He’s interested. So is her sister. And so the games began.

My favorite parts of the book centered around the hot-young-doctor-man neighbor’s faith. He was the type of man that many women want and not enough women wait for. The type to care about people he didn’t have to care for and openly share his beliefs.

The book wasn’t complicated. The ending was happy, of course, and the characters were fairly stereotypical. But for a light read, it more than serves the purpose.

Lest this post get any longer, I must also discuss reading on the iPad. I used the Kindle app, which was awesome. And this particular book came to me free by way of the free list on (It is no longer a free selection.)


  • I can carry multiple books (and an internet browser) at once.
  • I can use the Kindle app on multiple devices (iPad, my school computer, my phone).
  • It fits in my (large but not overly so) purse.


  • Not all books show page count. Some just show a percentage of book read, this one included. I thought I had 5% more of the book to go when I reached the last page. Boo.
  • I can’t read in the tub on an iPad… especially one issued by the school. What if I dropped it? Eek!
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