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faceplant: mashed potatoes.

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I resumed my status as a working girl yesterday.

This means that I was up at 5:40 (after hitting snooze only three times) and out the door by 6:45. After a 45 minute commute, I spent my day talking and typing and thinking. I did not create any bulletin boards or arrange desks like some of my colleagues did.

I did, however, go on to visit friends and stay out late… as if I were still on summer vacation. And proceeded to silently celebrate upon arriving home and donning my pajamas. My bed never looked so good.

You know what didn’t look (or sound) good?

My alarm this morning at 5:30. I was up so early that not even the cats roused themselves to see me off.

This offended me a little. I mean… they’re CATS! They are NOCTURNAL for goodness sakes. You’d think that they could handle a 5:30 wake up and a 6:45 send off. That, and they had the option of returning to bed once I left the building. Lucky ducks.

jealous? um... hmm... ah... YES!

Today I did more talking and typing and thinking. Oh. And I did hang up all my bulletin boards. AND I made some copies. Quite productive, yes?

And now? Now I feel likely to faceplant into my mashed potatoes.

as far as faceplanters go, this girl's my hero.

Which puzzles me. Because I did not exactly slug-it this summer. I thought and typed and talked all the time! I even drove and sewed and read!

And tomorrow’s another day. And next week brings in troups of children. I can’t be faceplanting then. I’m hoping I find my stride.

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