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book review: Sliver of Truth

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To be honest, I’ve put off writing the review of this book because I’m not sure what I want to say about it. Sliver of Truth by Lisa Unger was the sequel to Beautiful Lies. I liked the first book quite a lot. And I’m sure you know that sequels don’t often live up to the original. And this book was lukewarm, unfortunately.

The love affair present in the original had cooled, and that made me sad. And the mystery in this story, the potential that Ridley’s father (who died in the backstory of the first book) was still alive and entangled in some beyond-distasteful mafia activity felt contrived. Once these two plot events unfolded, I felt distrustful of the rest of the story. I wasn’t sure which character to believe. I wasn’t sure which character to relate to. I wasn’t sure what to hope for as a resolution.

Perhaps this was Lisa Unger’s intent?

Either way, I finished the book, placed it on my shelf, and let it sit there until now. I still have fond memories of reading Beautiful Lies but truly, I wish I’d let it keep its magic by not picking up the sequel.

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